Business Transitions aka "Help, I need somebody"

At Kuhl Concepts, we understand that often time opportunities and resources are not always on the same page. If you are a small business or division manager and you lose a key employee, or you do not have enough people to handle the growth, or have a new sourcing project,  keep us in mind. As business owners, we know how costly and time consuming it is to recruit, hire and find that right person. Let us fill in as your sales manager, project manager, or executive while you take your time to find the best long term solution. We love projects and new challenges, so give us a chance to fill the gap. Another Kuhl Concept for you . 

Is it time for a Kuhl Concept ?


Many businesses today are drowning in a sea of information. Information is everywhere but managing it is difficult. Thriving businesses require opportunity management and streamlined communications. Kuhl Concepts has implemented many productivity tools to manage critical information, including CRM systems, email and document management tools, as well as tools that manage tasks and work teams. You have the information, let us help you manage it and use it productively. This may be the Kuhl Concept you are looking for.

About Kuhl Concepts

At Kuhl Concepts, we have an experienced team and a network of specialists who can support your needs regardless of the size of your business. 

Business Development aka "Sell Something Please"

“Business development” is a term that is commonly used today. At Kuhl Concepts, our definition of business development is sell something! Regardless of whether you are a startup, have a new product to promote, or are trying to penetrate a specific account, we can help. We can sell one product or a portfolio of products, focus on one account or an entire market. Getting that first or second sale is critically important and time sensitive. We can help you get it done, big or small. How is that for a Kuhl Concept?

Our primary consultants have experience working in large corporate environments and have started and operated successful small businesses as well. Their perspective from succeeding in a variety of business settings is an invaluable resource for our clients. We believe that sales and marketing success is process driven. Sometimes you need help defining the process or making it more efficient. At other times, you know the process, but you need people power to get things done. We have a full menu of services and a variety of cost models. Let our team develop a Kuhl Concept to help your business meet and surpass your objectives.


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